Argon Gas on Windows

You've probably lost sleep from wondering why your home's energy costs have risen while the actual price of your energy hasn't changed. Your real cost per unit of energy may have decreased over time depending on your energy source. Your heating and cooling bills, on the other hand, may not mirror this. It's possible that your wasted home energy, which you will eventually pay for, sadly, is being wasted because of inefficient windows and drafty doors. Does this description sound familiar? You might want to check your windows' construction and see if you need a window replacement.

Every year, thousands of dollars worth of energy is lost due to inefficient windows across the United States. Argon gas-filled windows are a great option if you're thinking about replacing your windows and are concerned about energy efficiency and high energy costs. You can employ the services of a reliable window company like WindowWorks for your window replacements with Argon-filled windows.

Benefits of Using Argon in Your Windows

To begin with, windows are designed to keep the elements out of your home. However, gaps in the assembly can develop over time, exposing your home to air and moisture leaks. Year after year, draughty windows add to high costs in lost energy. Water damage, such as peeling paint, warping, rot, and mold, can occur due to moisture leaks. In the long run, if you wait too long to get it fixed, it will cost you.

Argon gas can be used to fill double-pane windows to help insulate a room and reduce heat transfer through the glass. Window manufacturers have long relied on Argon gas for its colorless and odorless properties. Argon has a significant advantage over air when it comes to window filling. Because of the intrinsic moisture in the air, condensation between glass window panes can occur, giving the appearance of foggy windows. When compared to air, Argon is a much better insulator. It enhances window features like thermal efficiency to perform comparably to wall insulation R-value.

Filling windows with Argon gas has numerous advantages, some of which are listed below:

  • It is possible to maximize energy efficiency by combining low-E coatings with Argon.
  • Soundproofing is a common purpose for gas-filled multiple-pane windows, which are popular among home builders.
  • Any climate can benefit from the use of Argon gas windows.
  • Adding Argon filling to a new window adds less than $50 to the price.
  • Argon windows are low-cost investments that save a significant amount of money on energy bills over time.
  • Gas-filled windows come in various shapes and sizes to suit any application, be it commercial or residential.
  • Filling windows with Argon gas improves their thermal efficiency and U-value.
  • Argon is a non-toxic gas that poses no danger to people or the environment if it escapes from a building.
  • Condensation on window glass can be reduced by filling it with Argon gas.
  • Argon gas windows are an ideal long-term solution for energy-efficient windows because they do not cause damage to window frames.
  • The use of gas filling reduces the amount of heat lost through the glass.
  • Argon filling, unlike oxygen filling, does not corrode windows.

Choose WindowWorks for Your Energy-Efficient Window Installations

The average Chicago homeowner saves $3600 over five years, thanks to WindowWorks' triple-coated low-emittance thermal glass, which reduces 25-30 percent energy consumption. Each window order is custom-built to the customer's specifications and comes with a lifetime warranty from us. Contact us right away if you need energy-efficient window installations!