Single, Double, Triple Pane Windows

When living in Chicago, window replacement options available for your home carry a lot of importance. After all, you want to find a window that is budget-friendly, stylish, and energy efficient in those cold winters. 

One thing that can be confusing for homebuyers are the differences between single-pane and multi-pane windows. To ease the process of installing new windows in your home, here is a quick comparison.

Single-Pane Window Installation

  • Affordability: The lowest cost option for homeowners on a budget. Small, pre-made single-pane windows can be less than $100.
  • Efficiency Levels: Unfortunately, single-pane windows are the least insulating option and provide poor protection against temperature changes and UV rays.
  • Style Options: Any manufacturer that offers a single-pane window can also create it in any window style as a double- or triple-pane window.
  • Sizes Available: Single-pane windows are also available in almost any size. Though you may find them more often in small windows, suited for barns, sheds, and smaller buildings.
  • Added Benefits: Single-pane windows are lightweight compared to double- and triple-pane windows. They will cost less to ship and may install faster. 

Double-Pane Window Installation

  • Affordability: A moderately priced investment, many homeowners choose Chicago double-pane window installation for their properties. The cost of these windows varies a lot depending on style, size, brand, and material. They can range between a few hundred dollars to over a $1,000 per window.
  • Efficiency Levels: Double-pane windows provide a marked boost in energy-efficiency over single-pane windows. According to the US Department of Energy (PDF), double-pane windows reduce heat loss by 50% more than single-pane windows.
  • Style Options: You can find double-pane windows in just about any style available on the market, including custom window designs.
  • Sizes Available: You can also find double-pane windows in just about any window size available on the market.
  • Added Benefits: Double-pane windows provide increased sound-blocking for exterior noises compared to single-pane windows. Opting for double-pane windows also increases the resale value of your home.

Triple-Pane Window Installation

  • Affordability: These are the most expensive type of multipane windows on the market. A triple-pane window can cost from about $400 - $500 up to $3,000 depending on the materials, style, and size.
  • Efficiency Levels: Many feel that triple-pane windows are worth the investment because they are the most energy-efficient windows available.
  • Style Options: You can find triple-pane glass window options in any available window style on the market.
  • Sizes Available: Triple-pane windows are also available in any available window size on the market.
  • Added Benefits: Homeowners can enjoy even better exterior sound-proofing with triple-pane glass windows.

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