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Window Works is a great company

After weeks of doing research online I finally found a few companies in my area to give me a quote on replacing my windows. I had Illinois Energy, Replacement Windows Illinois, & Window Works all come out to give me an estimate. After hearing each companies presentation, I decided to go with Window Works. I chose their company because I felt most comfortable with their salesman’s presentation, and I also loved the Condo Resort Voucher that came with my purchase. The voucher was very unique and something the other companies couldn’t match, which definitely played a role in my overall decision. I love to travel but haven’t been able to go quite as much as I would like. This voucher is going to go to good use. Window Works is a great company and based on my experience, I would recommend them.

Gilles Murad is the best person to talk to about r

I am only on the beginning end of the process to get my windows replaced, but Gilles Murad was the best representative who came to explain window replacement and also your product. He not only sold me windows, but looked at the issues that were going on and sold me on a company I can trust to get the job done and that can work within my budget. I look forward to working with Windowworks.

New Patio Door

Two years ago I had the windows in my home replaced by a company named Window Works. This year I decided to do some more renovation work on my home and decided I wanted to replace my patio door. I decided to call Window Works back, as I had a great experience using their company the first time. When the salesman came out this time, we hammered out the details of what it would cost. He also said that I would be receiving a Condo Resort Voucher with my purchase. The voucher was a nice incentive. Now I have even more reason to call them back whenever I need future work done. Window Works is a rare breed of company that does whatever it takes to make their customers happy.

New front doors & basement windows

We had a new front door and a few basement windows in our home installed by Window Works. We’ve used their company in the past to install some patio doors and they did a great job, which is why we decided to call them again. One thing that varied from our last experience was the Cruise Voucher we received with our purchase this time. The voucher was a huge plus and we plan to use it to take an Alaskan cruise later this year. We are very thankful for the generosity of everyone over at Window Works. You guys are the best!

Thanks Window Works

I knew my neighbor had recently purchased windows, so I asked who they used and if they were satisfied. Word of mouth is always the best way to go in my opinion. He said Window Works, so we gave them a call. The salesperson came to the house, showed us windows and started writing a quote. While he was doing that, he said we would get a vacation voucher with our purchase. My neighbor didn't mention that part, but this had us SOLD! We still have time until our install, but I'll search vacations until then. Thanks Window Works I will continue to recommend you to our neighbors & friends!

100% satisfied

I need to start with Jeff Agonath who was an awesome agent who helped us select the right window and explored all the window options with us. He spent an ample amount of time explaining us all the types of windows and doors. The installers did a perfect job in taking out my old window, installing the new window, and clearing off all the debris. All the work was done in just 2 hours. Since I am 100% satisfied with the job, I am again working with Jeff to install 3 more windows. Also to add to the above, Jeff also helped us find the right financing company for our windows. Thanks, Vinod


Vinod, Thank you for the 5 star review! It's great to hear that you are 100% satisfied with your experience. Julie Negri Concierge Manager 708-441-6395

Great Company

Window Works is really a great company. Sales representative (JEFF) will explain about their company and products in detail. He will work based on your budget. Customer service is amazing. They have different departments to handle services like getting approvals from HOA, scheduling the appointments and follow ups. We highly recommend Window Works for your window needs.


Kris, Thank you for the detailed 5 star review. Its great to hear how Happy you are with the company! Julie Negri Concierge Manager 708-441-6395

Very Great Company

We are scheduled to have the windows in our home replaced by Window Works this week, after negotiating a deal with their company a few weeks back. What really sold the deal to us in the first place was the salesman and the Cruise Voucher he threw in with our purchase. We’ve always wanted to take a cruise especially an Alaskan cruise, so when we heard that was an option, we were sold. Window Works is a very great company and we are looking forward to our new windows.


Craig, Thank you for the 5 star detailed review! It's great to hear that you were able to take advantage of the vacation voucher! Please call the Concierge dept with any questions at 708-441-6395 and Welcome to the Window Works Family. Julie Negri 708-441-6395 Concierge Manager Concierge@mywi...

Great work

Our sales men Eric was friendly, Michelle in customer service kept us informed and updated great job. Peter installed our windows. He was awesome, on time, clean, and very helpful. Love window works


Faith, Thank you for the 5 star review and pointing out that Eric, Michele and Paul did a great job. I'm glad you Love your windows. Julie Negri 708-441-6395 Concierge Manager

Amazing customer service

Mr Tom was just amazing with the information, and looking to my needs, his advices were great and give me the best price for top quality windows. 5 stars to him


Dora, Thank you for the 5 star review about Tom and our top quality windows. Please call with any questions at 708-441-6395 Thank you, Julie Negi Concierge Manager

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