Although it’s not always the first thing on a homeowner’s list of things to look after, siding plays an incredibly important role in your home’s durability and weather resistance. But that’s not all—siding can also have a major effect on your cost of living! If your home siding is outdated or worn down, it may be allowing precious cold air to escape from your home during our hot Illinois summers.

Installing new home siding—especially if it’s high quality, insulated, and expertly installed—can bring you a host of benefits this summer:

Energy Efficiency

Insulated vinyl siding replacement is specially designed to keep your home cooler in the summer by preventing the loss of your climate-controlled air. At WindowWorks, we use high-quality vinyl siding with rigid foam lamination to increase your new home siding’s thermal resistance. You won’t ever again have to constantly battle the thermostat to keep your home comfortable in the summer. And the best part? These same thermal qualities will keep your home warmer in the winter, too!

Cost Savings

Fortunately, the increased year-round energy efficiency of your insulated vinyl siding replacement has a direct impact on your wallet. Because your AC won’t have to run as hard to reach the same temperature, you’ll see significant monthly savings on your utilities bills. The generally decreased strain on your AC and heater will also extend their lifetimes, saving you from the need for early replacement or repair.

Reduced Noise

The foam backing on our vinyl siding replacement also has another side benefit: reduced noise transmission into and out of your home. No more waking up to the sound of your neighbor’s lawn mower at 6 AM or struggling to sleep through a nearby block party. Your home can return to peace and quiet, and you won’t have to worry about bothering the neighbors when it’s your turn to celebrate.

To get all of the benefits of insulated siding, it’s crucial to work with local, experienced professionals who can install your new home siding correctly. At WindowWorks, we’ve been doing exterior renovations and home repair—from insulated vinyl siding replacement to storm doors and windows—since 1988. Give us a call today to learn how our expert team can make your home more comfortable, affordable, and durable with our industry-leading siding replacement services. To request your free in-home consultation now, just fill out our quick online form!