With so many options to replacing your window can become a daunting task. Luckily with the right advice choosing your next replacement is a breeze. When picking a new window you will be confronted with two choices, Bow or Bay windows. Both have their strongpoints but only one will be ideal for your needs.

For this reason at Tiger Bath Solutions we are eager to provide you with the info you need to make the perfect choice. Our tips have been gleaned from years of experience. In this article we will compare both Bow and Bay windows so you can discover which one will be your next pick.

Bow vs Bay Windows

The first impressions of bow and bay windows are strikingly similar. They both are extremely classy and do a fantastic job of showcasing large rooms. However, each design has its own particular style of opening up rooms. Installing one of the two will do wonders for any home. They giving you the extra light and breathing room necessary to help your house reach its full potential.

The easiest way of differentiating the two is by focusing on their differences. These are the main variations between bow and bay windows:

  • A bay window is designed with 3 windows, 1 large picture window with 2 smaller windows on each side. A bow window has a curved structure of 4 or 5 windows, which give the outside of the home a rounded appearance.
  • The flat panes of bay windows are usually the best choice for modern homes, while the semi-circular bow windows are designed for Victorian architecture.
  • Bay windows give you a bit more space since they stick out farther from the wall than bow windows.
  • Since Bay windows only have 3 panels they are used for narrower window spaces than bow windows.
  • You can utilize the extra girth of bow windows to wrap around building corners and turrets. Their extra length can also be used to give a spectacular view out of both sides of a home.
  • Bow windows require custom-made hardwood shells specially fitted with multiple windows, while bay windows are installed directly onto the building.
  • Hands down the biggest difference between the two is the cost. On average bow windows cost 2.5 times as much as bay windows. This is due to the fact that bow windows are much more labor intensive to create and install.

As you can see each window type has its advantages. Each will give your home a distinct look. Tiger Bath windows are professionally fitted and installed so your home becomes more energy efficient. So whichever style window you pick, you end up saving money. Contact our expert team today to get your free appraisal!