With summer in full swing, keeping your home cool and comfortable can cause a serious hike in energy bills if you’re not careful. Heat and humidity can cause your home’s temperature to rise quickly and you may think turning up the air conditioning is the only fix, but the staff at Window Works has 4 easy ways to increase your energy efficiency and lower your utility bills in the process.

  1. Use Fans Wisely

    While fans don’t actually lower the temperature of your home, they create air circulation that makes you feel cooler. Having them on instead of air conditioning whenever possible will use a lot less electricity. Also remember to turn all fans off when you’re not home—no use leaving things on for an empty house!

  2. Keep Blinds Closed

    Using lightweight blinds to dampen or completely block out the hot rays of the sun can help cool your home significantly. There are many versions of light-blocking window panels available that are perfect for those rooms that receive a lot of natural light throughout the day or early in the mornings. If you don’t want all sunlight blocked, installing even lightweight or partial curtains or shades can help reduce excess heat.

  3. Install Energy-Efficient Windows

    As their name suggests, installing new, energy-efficient windows not only brings beauty and durability to your home, but saves you money each month as well. Window Works has a variety of color, style and configuration options to meet all of our customers’ unique needs. In addition to saving on energy bills, energy-efficient windows can also get you tax credits for additional value. And of course, always keep the windows closed when the air conditioning is on!

  4. Maintain Large Appliances

    To keep indoor temperatures comfortable, always use ovens and other heat-producing appliances in the evening or early morning; avoid the ‘heat of the day’. For fridges and freezers, keeping them full and at an idea 37-40˚F also helps to optimize efficiency and cut down on “overworking” the appliance.

    For even more tips and tricks for making your home as efficient as possible, contact the experts at Window Works! In addition to a selection of energy-saving windows, we also offer doors and siding to help transform your home into a dream house. Call us today for more information!