Window Sizes

Choosing new or replacement windows for your Chicago home should be a fun process. Refer to standard window sizes and styles to get an idea of what's required at a minimum and what window features you can incorporate. Some standards are as follows:

  • Hung Window Standard Sizes
  • Casement Window Standard Sizes
  • Awning Window Standard Sizes
  • Custom Window Sizes
  • Standard Window Sizes by Room

Single- and Double-Hung Windows

Single- and Double-Hung windows are extremely common and can be found in any room of a house in Chicago. These windows either have a single or double sash that opens vertically. The standard sizes are as follows:

  • 2' Wide x 3' Tall (2030)
  • 2' Wide x 4'-4" Tall (2044)
  • 2'-8" Wide x 4' Tall (2840)
  • 2'-8" Wide x 5'-2" Tall (2852)

Casement Window Sizes

Casement windows are typically taller than they are wide and feature a hinge that allows them to swing out like a door. There is a large selection of standard casement window sizes, but the following are the most popular:

  • 2'-4" Wide x 3'-6" Tall (2436)
  • 2'-6" Wide x 4' Tall (2640)
  • 2'-8" Wide x 5' Tall (2850)
  • 3' Wide x 6' Tall (3060)

Awning Window Sizes

Awning windows are similar to casement windows except they are mounted with the hinge at the top of the opening. Awning windows allow great airflow in a space and the standard sizes are as follows:

  • 3' Wide x 2' Tall (3020)
  • 4' Wide x 2'-4" Tall (4024)
  • 5' Wide x 3' Tall (5030)

Custom Window Sizes

Although it's easier to stick with standard window sizes in a home, there are some situations in which homeowners prefer to customize their window sizes. For example, replacing an existing window in a historic home may require working with specialized window installers who can customize the unique size to fit.

Standard Windows in a Home

Aside from aesthetics alone, some rooms in your Chicago home require certain window sizes to meet the building code. For example, a basement egress window will require a minimum of 5.7 square feet of net open space.

Additionally, unless your bedrooms have doors that open to the outdoors, there must be a window that is large enough for someone to escape in case of an emergency. However, bathroom windows can be however small you prefer as long as there is a mechanical ventilation system installed.

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