The My WindowWorks team started off small...

In 1988, there were three people behind the WindowWorks brand: two brothers and trusted old friend of theirs. It was a small team, but a motivated one.

The team was driven by more than their determination to succeed; the team was driven by a family legacy – one that began with their father, a master carpenter, who taught them everything they needed to know from an early age.

The original team did things according to their father’s way-of-business – they were loyal, understanding, compassionate and completely devoted to customer satisfaction.

Their father’s way-of-business became their own – and people loved them for it.

Even as their company grew, the owners always made it a point to instill the same customer-centric ideology in their new employees. They wanted a small-feel in the big city – and they certainly achieved it.

Today WindowWorks employs over a hundred people, who are all striving to make a difference – no matter how small – in their customers’ experiences.

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