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Explore 10 window styles that we custom build. Which one is right for you?

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Explore 6 door styles that we custom build. Which one is right for you?

Four Steps to Full Satisfaction

We track success with a single mantra: On time, On Budget, and at the Right Price. Here’s how we’ll ensure all three during your project:

Simple Appointment Scheduling

Simple Appointment Scheduling

Instantly tell us what you’d like to change and when you’d like to do so.

Meet Your Dedicated Sales Rep

Meet Your Dedicated Sales Rep

Talk to a salesperson about which products can best enrich your home.

Expert Installation

Expert Installation

Take pride in the lasting strength and beauty of fixtures installed by true craftsmen.

Your Home, Renewed

Your Home, Renewed

Enjoy the familiar household comforts in a home rejuvenated by elegant, high performance products.

On time, on budget, done right the first time.



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About WindowWorks

From the windows to the doors, WindowWorks ensures all access points to your Fort Wayne home are properly installed and secure.

About WindowWorks

Custom Windows & Door Installation

WindowWorks provides windows and doors designed around security and efficiency. With our window replacements you’ll receive customized vinyl frames and insulated glass packages suited to Fort Wayne’s climate. While you also enjoy advanced locking systems on sturdy fiberglass or steel entries with every door installation. We even pack our glass patio doors and storm doors with several lock types and durable construction features.

If you are ready for a beautiful entry way and windows that fit into your budget, turn to WindowWorks. Our specialty window and door styles allow you to fully express your creativity during that renovation. Best of all, our Midwestern door and window company offers a lifetime warranty to protect your investment.

Top 7 Reasons to Replace Your Windows & Doors

Wondering if it really is time to get new windows or doors installed on your Fort Wayne home? If you are looking for the signs that your property needs an update, here are a few of them. These are the top seven reasons our customers opt to replace their windows and doors:

  1. The utility bills are rising despite other cost-saving measures.
  2. There's a reoccuring draft in the room.
  3. The windows are loose and rattle when it's windy outside.
  4. The homeowners are having trouble operating the heavy, outdated windows.
  5. Their windows are cracked, faded, peeling, and unattractive.
  6. The homeowners don't feel safe because the locks are broken.
  7. They don't open or close correctly because the window mechanism is damaged.

If you are looking for new windows and door installation in Fort Wayne, reach out to WindowWorks about a free cost estimate. Give us a call or fill out our online form to make your appointment with an expert now.

Replace Your Windows & Doors

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