Air Leak Replacement Windows

Are you concerned about the efficiency of the windows in your aging home? Some windows do a great job at keeping the conditioned air indoors and the environmental air out. But many lose some effectiveness over time. If you’re not sure if it’s time for new windows, try these tricks to check for air leaks.

Common Methods of Finding Air Leaks in Windows

If you walk by a window on a cold, winter afternoon and feel a noticeable draft, it’s probably more than your imagination. Old window frames that have warped or become damaged over time could be the culprit. To inspect further, place your hand around the edges of the window and feel for moving air and noticeable temperature differences. If the air movement is subtle, a sheet of paper can help you identify the presence or absence of an air leak.

Why are Air Leaks a Big Deal?

Even minor air leaks compromise the energy efficiency of your home, making your heat run more frequently during the winter months and your air conditioner run more during the summer months. This means that your heating and cooling needs are costing you more money than they should. In fact, many homeowners shave between $500 - $800 per year off their HVAC costs after getting replacement windows.

What to Do if You Find an Air Leak

What happens if you find an air leak? Do you need to replace all the windows in your home right away? While it can be concerning to find out a draft is coming in an ill-fitted window, it’s not necessarily an emergency. You’ll have some options for quick fixes that will buy you some time in evaluating your next steps.

New windows can be a big project so we want you to be completely equipped with the right information when you make that decision. So, first, try these temporary solutions to stop the air leak.

  1. Weatherstripping
  2. Caulk
  3. Window Film

The good news is that weatherstripping is accessible and affordable. It’s a gummy rope product that you can mesh into the gaps around the window frame to stop air leaks. While it’s a quick and inexpensive remedy, weatherstripping is only temporary. You may find yourself reapplying it if you don’t land on a more permanent solution quickly.

Caulk is still inexpensive and lasts a little longer. But it takes some skill to apply. For the inexperienced, caulk can be fairly messy. For a clean and effective option, many homeowners choose window film. While it’s the most expensive option, window film is a good choice if you don’t think a window replacement is in the budget right now.

The Bottom Line on Air Leaks & Windows

Ultimately, the best way to address air leaks is to repair or replace the window. A professional window replacement contractor can help you assess the situation and choose the right products. MyWindowWorks has been serving the Chicagoland area with quality window replacement options since 1988. Let our experienced installers help you determine the best solution to improve the energy efficiency in your home.