Gutters are an important feature of any home construction, as they help to divert rainwater away from your home and keep your basement and foundation safe from water damage. While gutters are also a great way to increase the aesthetics of your home, a damaged or malfunctioning gutter system can cause major chaos to your home’s exterior, interior, and even your outside areas and landscaping. Spotting the signs of damaged gutters early can help to keep repair costs to a minimum.

Depending on your gutter setup, you may be able to make simple repairs yourself. For more involved installation or replacements, it is highly recommended to hire a professional to get the job done.

If you’re in need of gutter replacement, gutter installation experts at MyWindowWorks can help you throughout every step of the way. Today, our experts will go over some of the most clear signs that you need to replace your gutters—and what to do if you notice any of them on your property.

1. Visible Rust, Cracks, and Holes 

Gutters are typically made of metal or plastic which means that they are susceptible to all the aging characteristics of these materials. Over time and with a lack of maintenance, gutters can start to develop rust, cracks, and holes that will start to decrease the effectiveness of the whole system. 

Check over your gutters yearly and after any strong storms to ensure they are still in good condition. Do not forget to check the inside of the gutters as rust will usually form on the inner gutter line.

2. Gutters Are Being Pulled Away from Roof

Due to tree limbs, debris, and ice buildup, gutters can start to be pulled away from the roof due to the added weight. This can prevent the gutters from doing their job and make your home look run down. Periodically check your gutters to ensure that everything is in line and that your gutters are free of clutter. Having your gutters cleaned yearly can help to prevent buildup and can help to keep up with the maintenance.

3. Basements Are Flooding

The main function of gutters is to divert rainwater away from your home to protect your foundation and basement. When you start to see that your basement is getting water in it, or worse, flooding, it is time to check and see if your gutters are doing their job and moving water away from your home. This could result in damaged gutters or simply a change in the way that your gutters need to be routed.

4. Broken Gutter Hardware

While inspecting your gutters or hanging up Christmas lights, you may notice that your gutter hardware has rusted or become damaged. This is a sure sign that your gutters need some attention. Broken hardware usually means that something put stress on that section to cause it to break. Rusted hardware will need to be replaced and that section of gutter needs to be inspected for any leaking water.

5. Water Pooling Near Home

After a rainstorm, a snowstorm, or a hailstorm, your gutters should have done a good enough job to notice that there is no water pooling up around your home. If you notice that there are pools of water in a certain area, you need to inspect that section of gutter to see if there is any blockage or rusted spots. Pools of water can damage the landscape and cause foundation damage, so keep an eye on the lawn and surrounding areas for this sign that your gutters aren’t working.

Quality Gutter Replacement In Chicago, IL

If you have spotted any of the above on your home’s gutters, it is important that you take action now to prevent further damage. As leading Chicago gutter installers, MyWindowWorks offers highly trained technicians that can help assess the damage, recommend repairs, and install new gutters quickly and correctly. 

Since 1988, MyWindowWorks has been serving the greater Chicago area offering many different services including gutter replacements. To get a free, in-home pricing estimate for your next gutter installation, fill out our online form and one of our home experts will contact you right away.