From cleaning out clutter accumulated over recent months to refreshing your décor, spring is a great time to get things done around the house. Open the windows, enjoy some fresh air, and get to work…then take notice of those outdated-looking and dysfunctional windows. What now? It might be a good idea to kick off your spring home improvement projects with a stylish new set of windows!

Is it Time for Replacement Windows?

The windows you have aren’t really that bad, are they? Getting new windows is a large investment, so you might be tempted to put the task off another year of so. If you notice any of these five signs, then now’s the time for an upgrade.

1.  Drafts: The cost of a window replacement is reasonable when compared to the rising energy bills you will receive this summer if you don’t do something about those drafty old windows!

2.  Damage: If your window frames are warped, soft, or cracked, then no amount of spring cleaning or repairs will suffice.

3.  Noise: As activity ramps up outdoors, you might notice that your old windows aren’t as soundproof as you’d like.

4.  Dysfunction: Windows that do not open, close, or lock properly are unacceptable—and dangerous—any time of the year!

5.  Condensation: Condensation can be a key sign of poor energy efficiency, which means you’ll have to run that AC more to keep your home comfortable.

Why Are Replacement Windows Important?

Getting new windows is a popular spring home improvement project, and for good reason. If you’re trying to convince yourself or your significant other into a new set of house windows, then here are five important perks to consider:

1.  Style: From classic double-hung windows to stunning bay windows, your home will look great inside and out.

2.  Security: Today’s windows offer improved safety features including strong glass and locks, which can help prevent home intrusion.

3.  Efficiency: Get rid of those old single panes once and for all and upgrade to double pane windows with argon gas fill for maximum performance.

4.  Function: Don’t struggle to open, close, or clean your windows ever again when you invest in a well-planned window replacement.

5.  Value: The style, security, efficiency, and function that new windows provide will increase the value of your home for many years!

How Do I Find a Reliable Replacement Window Company?

Are you looking for a Chicago replacement window company that provides quality products and professional installations at a fair price? Window Works is a BBB-accredited business that is proud to offer an impressive selection of custom, energy efficient windows for your Chicago area home. Our window contractors are qualified and courteous, and we begin each project with a free cost estimate!