In home improvement, your chosen window style does not only reflect your own unique personal style and preference but can also improve the functionality and appearance of your property. When you hire a Chicago window replacement company like WindowWorks to perform your new window installation, one of the major decisions our contractors will help you to make is the type of window you want for your home. The right window will ultimately suit your budget, your functionality needs, and your aesthetic taste in design. 

Choosing the right window products can be a daunting task for those that are not particularly informed about the many different types. In this articleour experts at WindowWorks discuss two of the most popular window styles: double-hung windows and single-hung windows—including their similarities, differences, and benefits of double hung windows and single hung windows, in order to help you decide which one to buy as window replacement.

How Double-Hung Windows and Single-Hung Windows Are the Same

Double-hung windows and single-hung windows are both vertical sliding windows that have an upper and lower sash. Basically, a sash is a rectangular or square frame that contains the window glass. This may also contain muntins that divide the glass into smaller pieces. In terms of appearance, these two window styles look identical when seen from afar.

How Double-Hung Windows and Single-Hung Windows Are Different

The main difference between these two iconic window styles lies in the operability. In single-hung windows, only the bottom hash moves, while the upper half is fixed. Meanwhile, in double-hung windows, both sashes can slide up and down, where both the top of the window and the bottom can be open at the same time. This creates an extra cooling and ventilation effect in the warmer seasons, where warm air from inside the home escapes out of the top of the window, and cool air comes in through the bottom. In contrast, single-hung windows have fewer moving parts and are generally simpler in design than double-hung windows.

Features and Benefits of Double-Hung Windows and Single-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows with tilt-in design are the most common type of window in the market today because they are easy to maintain and clean. This window type can be cleaned from the inside of the house, while the outside of single-hung windows’ lower sash is impossible to be cleaned from the inside. If the window is located on a higher floor, single-hung windows are more difficult to maintain.

When it comes to airflow, because double-hung windows’ upper sash can be opened, you can control where the air enters. You can also create a recirculating effect by opening the upper and lower sashes halfway to allow warmer air to exit through the upper sash and cooler air to come in through the lower one.

For those that like to keep their windows open during nice weather, single-sash windows can be dangerous for small children. However, with double-hung windows, you can easily keep the lower sash closed while still letting air come in through the upper sash.

In terms of costs, single-hung windows are cheaper by about 10 to 20 percent compared to its double-hung counterpart. Most homeowners that choose double-hung windows are satisfied with the convenience and extra functionality provided by double-hung windows, and consider them worth the extra expense.

Deciding Which Type to Buy

Now that you know the different features and advantages of each type, it is now up to you to decide which one to buy. Compare the costs, appearance, and other factors such as maintenance and convenience in order for you to make the best decision that is suitable to your needs and lifestyle.

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