Since WindowWorks started in 1996, the family-owned business has been committed to giving back to the community—and that promise is more than just words. The entire team is always on the lookout for ways to help enrich the lives and experiences of people in their community—and they jump into action when the opportunity is right. Such was the case when WindowWorks learned about a need at Campfire Kata Kani.

The main cabin at the camp was in rough shape, and the very old windows made it difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature in the space. That meant that the cabin could only be used during pleasant weather. When the team at WindowWorks realized that outdated windows were hindering kids from enjoying after school activities and other opportunities, they knew they had to help.

Tom Rice, Director of Sales, was among those who volunteered his time at the camp.“The whole company, the whole culture, is based on helping people,” he said.

Watching a large crew of window specialists hard at work, all of who had come on their own time, Rice knew that the updates they were making would help the camp, and the many kids who attend, tremendously.

“This place is going to be unbelievable when it’s done,” he said.“It’s going to be an amazing place for children to come and explore…and WindowWorks is just extremely proud to be a part of that.”

His thoughts were echoed by Jill Siegfried, a college professor and president of the camp’s board of directors. Reflecting on the many activities and programs they will now be able to hold in the updated structure, she said the changes would,“…make a world of difference to us. Our camp is going to be all season.”

She also commented on the efficiency, professionalism, and courtesy of the workers who had volunteered to install 18 brand new, high-performance windows. All of the windows and labor were donated by WindowWorks and the company’s employees.

Rice pointed out that“Enhancing homes and enhancing lives,” is part of the WindowWorks mission statement. One thing is sure: This won’t be the last time WindowWorks makes a difference for people who live in their community.

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