Since we opened for business, WindowWorks has displayed a strong commitment to community service. That’s why when we heard about a family who could use our help, we sprang into action. About a year ago, a local man was diagnosed with ALS. As his disease progressed, they found it necessary to move out of their family home into a single story house.

With so many other things on their minds, the family didn’t even notice that a large window in the living room was no longer functional. Between the expenses of the move and the ongoing costs of equipment and treatment for ALS, the purchase of a new window was going to have to wait—that’s where WindowWorks stepped in!
We took the time to install a new window at no charge to this deserving family. While grateful for the window, the mom of the family was impressed not only by the gesture but by the quality of the work as well. 

“I was very impressed with how they could match the original hardwood,” said the homeowner. “I don’t think anybody would think it wasn’t the original window.”

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Our team was proud to be able to help this family by providing the same quality work thatwe offer to every one of our customers. Now the family can enjoy enhanced curb appeal, a clear view, and a window that is easy to operate and enhances the energy efficiency of their home. 

Since 1996, our family-owned business has provided top-rated products, expert installation, and exceptional customer service. If you need windows, doors, and siding, call us. Give WindowWorks a call to discuss your project, or fill out our online contact form to schedule a free, no-obligation estimate.