Home improvement projects are a reality of homeownership, and there are countless reasons why you may be considering investing in your property. Whether you want to add curb appeal with exterior upgrades or are remodeling your interior for a more modern appearance, there is one thing that is essential to consider when planning any home improvement project—the return on your investment (ROI)!

Replacing windows is one of the most common remodeling projects that homeowners take on, but the cost of the windows and professional installation is a serious investment. Not only do you want your new windows to look great and work well, you also want to feel confident knowing that you’ll see money back in the terms of increased home value.

So, does replacing the windows of your home actually make a big impact on the overall value of your property?

The short answer is—yes! In fact, updating the windows in your home is an investment that ranks near the top when it comes to highest returns of investment across all home improvement projects. Consider the following statistics for ROI for common remodels:

  • Deck Addition—73%
  • Roof Replacement—75%
  • Sunrooms—52%
  • Replacement Windows—70-80%

There are very few home improvement projects that see a 100% or more ROI, so recouping 70-80% of your window replacement cost makes this a wise choice for long-term value. Thinking of it another way, if you spend $500 on a new window for your home, you can expect your property’s value to increase between $350 and $400.

Pretty good, right? But choosing just any window isn’t going to get you the most positive impact on home value. When you want a window that increases value so that it really adds up in the long run, consider:

  • Style: The ideal windows for your home depend on the general architectural style of your property, region of the country, and overall climate. In general, casement, double-hung, and picture windows see some of the highest returns on investment for their overall ease of use, efficiency, and aesthetically pleasing design.
  • Efficiency: Home efficiency is a hot topic right now, and looking into the R-values, ENERGY STAR ratings, and other efficiency factors is smart when choosing new windows. Windows with Low-E coatings, multi-pane designs, and argon gas-filled chambers typically make a bigger impact on higher home value.
  • Construction: There are a lot of options out there for window materials, from traditional wood to modern fiberglass or low-maintenance vinyl. Take into account the added initial costs, maintenance, and repairs that go into the various window styles to determine which one gives you the best mix of form, function, and value.

At WindowWorks, we know that making the right decision in home improvement projects can be a challenge, and we’re here to help! By offering competitive prices and top-rated products, we can help you find the perfect window solution for increasing the value of your property, lowering your utility costs, and upgrading curb appeal. Just give us a call or fill out our online form today, and we’ll be happy to tell you more about how new windows can add lasting value to your family’s home.