Installing a patio door is a great way to bring in more light or upgrade an existing door with something more attractive. Yet, homeowners want a lot of options to choose from. My WindowWorks provides those options in our custom door installations. To make your choices a little easier, we've also put together a list of top things to consider when ordering patio doors.

#1 French Doors Versus Sliding Doors

There's no question that French doors make a lovely first impression. These double doors always seem to add some class to your decor. Both doors can also be opened at once, which is convenient for parties, bringing more air into the home, and even moving furniture. 

However, there are space concerns in many homes. You might not have the room for a set of French doors and sliding doors may be a better option. These are designed to slide rather than swing open, saving space in a cramped room while still allowing you to bring in a lot of light.

#2 Door Materials

Patio doors feature two large panes of glass, but they are framed in a variety of materials. You may want to consider the options before installing any old set of doors in your home. For instance, fiberglass requires little to no maintenance and is available in tons of colors and textures. Other materials to consider include:

  • Wood: A natural material, wood can be painted or stained to fit the decor of your home.

  • Vinyl: A strong material, vinyl is great for storm prone areas. It's also very affordable.

  • Aluminum: This material is lightweight, cheap, and widely available. On the downside, aluminum isn't very energy efficient and doesn't add much to your home's aesthetics.

#3 Energy Efficiency

Believe it or not, you can get energy efficient patio door installation. My WindowWorks doors are installed with deluxe weather stripping and double or even triple seals to keep drafts out! Many doors also feature double-paned glass to create a warm, insulating layer of air between the glass. Some frames, such as wood or fiberglass, are also thick enough to create a thermal barrier that prevents heat loss from the home.

Above all, the customization of patio doors is the biggest concern for most of our customers. If you want to know what your options are for a truly unique set of doors, reach out to us by phone or our online form. A team member will be happy to help you with more information and a free price estimate!