It’s no secret that winters in the Midwest can be a challenge. With the arrival of freezing temperatures and heavy snow, home owners throughout the region scramble to prepare their home for the coldest season of the year. While your furnace works to combat the winter temperatures, there are ways that you can take the steps needed to help increase the insulation of your home!

Drafty windows and entry doors are a common area of concern during the winter months. Having high-quality, energy-efficient windows does more than just increase the value of your home – it keeps the rooms in your house warm and cozy throughout the winter and saves money on your heating and cooling bills!

At WindowWorks, we understand the unique challenges that come from preparing your home for a long, cold winter. To help you stay warm while counting down the days until Spring, consider making these updates to your home:

1)  Cover your Windows and Walls – By covering your windows with insulating plastic, drawing the curtains, and covering brick or stone walls, you can help trap the heat inside your home and reduce drafts.

2)  Choose Insulated Siding – Insulated vinyl siding is an easy, cost-effective way to upgrade your home’s exterior and increase the value and thermal efficiency of your home.

3)  Rearrange your Furniture – If you’re feeling left out in the cold while curled up on your living room couch, consider moving your furniture next to internal walls to benefit from their insulating properties.

4)  Upgrade Drafty Windows – Replacement windows can make a remarkable difference in reducing your heating costs and decreasing drafty corners of any room in your home.

5)  Repair Door Seals – While upgraded windows and doors are ideal, it isn’t always an option for every homeowner. When it comes to older windows and large patio doors, you can increase warmth by ensuring that all of the seals are fully functional before winter strikes.

Whether you are looking for insulated vinyl siding or efficient replacement windows, the experts at WindowWorks can completely transform your home at an affordable, honest price! As the leading home renewal company in the region since 1988, we can help you stay warm and comfortable in your home throughout the winter months. For a free estimate on upgrading your home for winter, just give us a call today!