With the holidays coming up, there’s no better time than now to plan out a festive way to decorate your home. Your entry doors are the perfect way to greet guests, including family and friends, and even carolers (should you be so lucky!). Beyond the simple wreath, there are a number of ways to adorn your home’s steel entry doors, and we’ve got five unique ideas to liven up your entryway this winter.

Make Your Entry Doors Look Like a Gift

Use festive ribbons to make this holiday look come alive. No matter what color your entry doors are, fasten thick, glittering or metallic ribbon down the center of your door, both vertically and horizontally. At the center where they meet, use a large bow to give your door the look of a holiday gift!

Turn Your Door Into Frosty the Snowman

This works best if you have a white door. Tack on two black eyes on the door, an orange triangle for a nose, and more black circles for a mouth. At the top of your door frame, craft a top-hat out of cardboard boxes painted black and trimmed to size, then wrapped in clear packing tape to prevent weather damage. This is especially a fun one if you have kids who love the movie Frozen.

Use Multiple Wreaths

One wreath looks great, but multiple wreaths can be even more fun! Create a rope of wreaths that stretches the entire length of your door. To do this, get a long rope and affix three (or more) wreaths in the same size even distances apart — one at the top, one in the middle of the door, and one at the bottom.

Alternatively, connect more wreaths down a rope—as many as you can fit along the length of your steel entry doors. Dress each wreath up with different decorations, like lights, ribbons or tinsel, ornaments, and other holiday decor.

Choose Wreaths Made of Nontraditional Materials

If you love the idea of wreaths but are a little bored of traditional pine, seek out ones that are made from nontraditional materials. One popular choice is a wreath made of glass ornaments.

Other ideas for nontraditional wreaths for your entry doors include yarn wreaths, candy cane wreaths, or holly berry wreaths. A quick internet search for nontraditional wreaths can give you dozens of ideas—the sky’s the limit.

Make your steel entry doors look amazing this winter and be the envy of the neighborhood with these ideas. At Window Works, we’re proud to offer homeowners the best in siding, window, and door installation services. To learn more about our installation services for steel entry doors and more, call us today!