Siding Colors

Vinyl siding has been a great choice for homes since its invention back in 1872. It not only can increase the value and durability of your home, but it has many other benefits as well. It’s low-maintenance, more cost efficient than brick or other siding choices, insulated siding can increase the thermal efficiency of your home, and of course, better curb appeal.

The right siding can make your home look more updated, polished, and help to blend all components of the exterior—from roof to porch, the right siding can tie everything together.

But what color?

Like many home design elements, the most popular colors of siding are white and cream, both of which can come in a wide variety of hues and tones. A large part of their appeal is that whites and creams are neutrals and can “go with” just about any other color. They typically don’t clash with color schemes and also make your home look larger. Who wouldn’t want that?

Other popular colors include tones in the yellow and brown families. Yellow tones, like the creams and whites, match a majority of other colors and have the same benefit of making the home appear larger. Browns are neutrals and match just about anything. They also tie in nicely with the elements of nature around a home and are great at concealing dirt and debris.

Finally, you can’t go wrong with shades of gray and blue, either. The lighter versions of these colors are commonly used on smaller homes because of their ability to visually increase the home’s size. Darker versions of these colors that are complimented with bright white or cream trim can help add definition and a modern edge to your home.

No matter what your siding preferences, Window Works has you covered. Offering an array of different styles and colors to choose from, we’ve got a siding option for everyone. To learn more, call one of our Window Works siding experts today!