We’ve all been there…

…that moment when you wake up and can feel the cold air on your face.

You struggle to get up because the warm of your bed is so much more appealing than the cold that has taken over your home.  You may even burrow deeper in the sheets.

You want to turn up the heat, but you don’t want to see that bill.  It’s a constant fight between staying warm and saving money.

Winter is a struggle for many things...but you can save money and stay warm by following these tips.

  • During the day, keep the temperature as low as you can while staying comfortable.  Turn it down at night when you are sleeping.
  • Invest in energy efficient windows.  They will reduce your overall heating and air conditioning costs plus you can get a tax credit!
  • Open those blinds or drapes during the day.  Taking advantage of the heat from the sun will help keep your energy bills low and your home toasty.
  • Be sure to find any drafts in your home and fix them.  Replace broken seals or caulk and close your fireplace and chimney when you aren’t using it to protect from the outside air.
  • Look into storm doors for your home.  These doors will protect your home from the elements while also lowering your utility bills by providing an energy efficient seal.
  • Turn down your water heater to save energy.  Don’t worry; there will still be plenty for your hot showers.  It will also save your skin from scalding hot water.

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