Summer is finally here! After such a cold, long winter, most of us just can’t wait to soak up that summer sun and enjoy the fresh air flowing through your home.  You’ve probably had the opportunity to open your windows a few times so far this season, and some of you may have noticed that your windows just don’t open like they used to.  May your windows don’t open as easily, maybe some of them don’t remain open for very long and others may not open at all.  Replacement windows may be the solution you are looking for. 

Open your windows for the fresh air.  Most people today spend close to 90% of their day indoors. You can’t be outside all day, but you can open your windows so that the fresh air is always around you.

This is also good for the air quality in your home.  After having the windows closed all winter and being cooped up inside, many air pollutants, toxins and allergens can build up in your home.  Replace your windows, so you can open up the windows and let the fresh air flow in and the toxins flow out.

Help your home smell better.  Let in the beautiful smells – and sounds – of nature.  The fresh air flowing through your home will draw out the toxins and other bad smells that have accumulated in your home and bring in the fresh smells of the summer.

So get some fresh air this summer – from inside your home! Replace your windows with our professionals.