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Window Works really let me and my family down. Met with them at 5pm the day before Thanksgiving and spent 4 hours going over plans and getting an estimate. Finished at 9pm. A week later we agreed to the cost and set up another appointment to finalize. Another 3 hours to sign the deal and get the financing set up and agreed on. They set up another appointment to measure the house to order and the next day want to cancel my order. They are not equipped to handle Chicago style homes. I lost a month of my project time and 7 hours of working on this of my personal time. I was even approved for financing. Why would they not have told me this after assessingbon the 1st trip. Find a more professional company or at least if you live in Chicago dont waste your time. Didnt even want to give 1 Star but to write a review I was forced to. Find another place to put siding on your home.


As the COO of WindowWorks, I am truly sorry that we were unable to do your siding project. We thought at the beginning that we could do the project and after the final measure and project evaluation, we determined that none of our crews would do the job. This was due to the extremely limited space between your home and the homes next to you. At the gutter line they the homes are almost touching and the installers stated that they would not feel safe or feel like they had enough room to do a quality job. This is the only reason we could not complete your job. We felt it was better to try to explain this now than to force one of the crews to do the job and have you end up with something you would be dissatisfied with. We sincerely regret that we disappointed you. Joe Talmon

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