flowers, pots, and gardening tools

Spring is here—but in many parts of the country it still feels like winter. Don’t let the lingering cold prevent you from starting on your spring gardening. If you have a kitchen garden window, you can start today! Even though the space in your garden window is limited, you can grow a number of beautiful plants that will help put you in the spring spirit—even though Old Man Winter hasn’t yet taken the hint that it’s time to go.

Spice It Up

herbs grown in a garden window

A great use for your garden window is as a spot to grow a selection of herbs that you can use to flavor your cooking. Since the watering needs are different for each, you’ll want to grow each herb it is own pot for the best results. Consider these favorites:

  • Rosemary
  • Thyme
  • Basil
  • Oregano
  • Chives
  • Mint

Color Pops

close up of tulips in a garden window

To many, spring is all about the gray days of winter making room for the burst of colors that spring ushers in. Choose something for your garden window that provides a pop of color that will make you smile every time you look at it. One beautiful choice is tulips—and you’ll love how easy it is to grow these garden favorites indoors. Just place some pebbles in slim glass containers and add a single tulip to each. Line up the glasses in your garden window and enjoy spring indoors even if the snow starts falling again.

Succulent Choices

succulents grown in a garden window

Creating a succulent garden in your kitchen garden window gives you a chance to explore your creative side. Plant several varieties in one pot or choose several small pots in various bright colors and plant one succulent in each. Be sure to include aloe in your plans as this is succulent can help to soothe both sunburns and minor burns from kitchen mishaps.  Even though you’re looking for spring ideas right now, hardy succulents will keep on thriving even when the dry air of winter comes back around.

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