What’s a garden window good for other than providing a space for an indoor garden? You’d be surprised. Despite their name, these items can be used for much more than just growing plants. If you’re thinking about installing a garden window, consider these alternative uses for it:

A Great Place to Keep Knick Knacks

Do you love to decorate your house with little knickknacks? A garden window is a great place to keep some, especially if they are made of crystal or glass. Since they allow more sunlight to beam into your room, they can make your trinkets sparkle and add to their aesthetic value.

Additional Shelving for Kitchen Items

Garden windows also provide a great place to install shelving and keep excess kitchen items. Are your cabinets running out of space for your wine glasses? Perch them atop a shelf on your garden window. You can also keep small appliances like your coffee maker, toaster or tea kettle on it.

A Convenient Bookshelf

If you’re tired of having your cooking books stacked on your counter, a garden window can act as a bookshelf. You can neatly organize your cooking books on it, making them easier to find while also reducing clutter on your counter space.

So there you have it. Three practical ways to benefit from the beauty and sunlight exposure garden windows provide, even if you aren’t interested in gardening. If you’re considering installing a garden window in your home, contact Window Works today. Give us a call or fill out our online form to receive your free design estimate!