The summer is winding down, and colder weather is creeping closer and closer.  You’re likely conjuring up images of cuddling up on the couch on a chilly weekend afternoon or hiding under the covers on a cold winter morning.  Keep your home warm and cozy this winter with these tips to keep the cold air on outside:

Pick up window insulation film at your local hardware store.  The insulation kit includes an adhesive shrink wrap that is applied to the window – use a hair dryer to shrink the film to the proper size.  While this method is effective, it’s not invisible.  Your windows won’t offer a clean, crisp view of that beautiful fall day that you might be used to.

While large curtains don’t offer you the most cost-effective solution, they definitely help your home to remain cozy on the cold days.  Don’t worry about blocking out the light – keep them closed while you’re out of the house to keep it warm and open them up to let in the light while you’re in the room.

Draft Seals

If your windows seem to be “leaking air,” use draft snakes or homemade creations to seal in the air at the bottom of your window sill.  This solution won’t help with all of the cool air though; without energy efficient windows you are still losing heat from your home.

To replace your old windows and keep your energy bills down this winter, call Window Works.  Out professionals can provide you with the customized windows that will have your home looking clean and crisp while saving you on energy costs.